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How To Make An Enhanced CD

An Enhanced CD is a disc that contains both CD-Audio and computer data. It is also known as a CD+ disc.

Sometimes having both audio and data on a single disc can be very useful. Besides the fact that you use less CDs, you may want to add interactive abilities for the end user. A person listening to a disc on their computer can also view information and pictures, movies or even be given access to websites.

You will need to use software that can write sessions, something like Toast.

You will need to prepare the audio so that it is in whatever format your software requires, such as the WAV, SDII or AIF format.

Creating the disc...

  1. First write the audio as a session.
  2. Then write the data as a session in the ISO 9660 format.

That's it ! Hope you find this useful.

Sincerely, Joe

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This page last modified on May 20, 2002