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Museum of Science

Heart Prototype - Aging Exhibit

This unit let visitors hear four different rates of heartbeats (buttons on the left) and four different types of beats (buttons on the right). There was also a touch membrane for people to feel the beats with their fingertips.

Listen here...

MP3s of normal heartbeat @

60 beats per minute (normal 24 year old)

75 beats per minute(normal 18 year old)

90 beats per minute(normal 12 year old)

105 beats per minute(normal 4 year old)

120 beats per minute(normal 2 year old)

Abnormal Heartbeats


Triple Cadence

4th Sound

These sounds were created by Dr. Yurchak at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Here's another view of the prototype . The digital repeater is clearly visible. We used a Mackenzie MacFi unit that can playback eight different messages. Also notice the EQ unit. Everything above 200hz is cut out and the low end is boosted. This was done to give the touchpad the needed volume to move the membrane.

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