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Henry Kloss (1912-2002)

Henry Kloss passed away in January of this year (2002). I've always felt that Henry was a great man so I thought a few words would be appropriate.

I first met Henry in the mid-1980's when he had donated a couple of NovaBeam projectors to the Museum of Science. I was just a dumb tech but he treated everyone like they were worth something. He didn't talk over your head and when verbal explanations didn't work he demonstrated theories with whatever materials where at hand.

Recently, about four years ago, Henry had contacted me about small speaker usage and digital playback systems. I had the pleasure of meeting with him at his home in Cambridge to discuss what I knew on the subject. Afterwards, we had several phone conversations on the subject. He was helping a woman from New York who was developing a way-finder system for blind visitors of New York's subway system. I don't know if the system was ever put into place but it was a great honor to have Henry pick MY brain.

Even more recently, back in 2000, Peter Garland of the Museum of Science staff was working on audio delivery solutions using small speakers for the travelling exhibit called "Aging". I introduced Peter to Henry and in no time at all Henry had volunteered to come to the Museum and help Peter with the exhibit. He brought with him an assortment of devices and freely explained and demonstrated everything he knew about the subject.

Henry was truly a generous and friendly man. It was a pleasure to know him and everyone who has ever worked with him will hopefully carry a bit of his spirit with them.

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