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Joseph W. Rivers

Audio Producer / Sound Designer

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An early interest in music was the inspiration that led Joe to pursue the multimedia arts. What had started as a curiosity on his father's reel to reel tape recorder led him to experiment with multiple tape machines and eventually the first consumer video cameras. For years he played guitar, keyboards and sang in a number of local Boston bands. During that same time he also played guitar and travelled in The Mission Hill Theater Group's performance of Godspell.

Shortly after starting work at the Museum of Science in 1980, Joe joined the AV department as an AV technician. This was a great opportunity for him and for many years he was challenged with audio, video, electronic & film projects that were on the cutting edge of their field. He attended school in the evenings and studied electronics at M.I.T. and recording engineering at The Audio Workshop School in Cambridge. It was also during this time that Joe spent two years as a part-time apprentice recording engineer at the famous Blue Jay Recording Studio in Carlisle. While there he worked with local and national musical groups and before he left he was assisting and engineering on a regular basis. Back at the museum... after gaining the respect and trust of his co-workers through years of successful exhibits and special events Joe was promoted to AV Coodinator for the museum in 1990.

During the next six years he participated in the first link-up between Boston & Moscow school children and the Mir space station, worked as an audio engineer for live sound, theater and teleproduction events, created audio environments for permanent and travelling exhibits, worked with astronauts, statesmen and scientists on special events and lectures, and participated in the start-up the Museum's Mugar Omnimax theater.

While at the Museum, Joe had already begun to produce material for other museums, musical groups and video documentaries. So in the summer of 1996 he left to pursue independent projects.

Currently, Joe is producing sound, video and computer multimedia for museums and exhibit designers. He is a member of the New England Museum Association and the Massachusetts Audubon Society. He maintains an office at his home in Sharon, Massachusetts and occasionally, he produces music for Boston and New York area musicians. And yes, he still has his fathers reel to reel recorder.

Cherie L. Rivers
July 1999

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Joe standing at the rear of a car preparing equipment for recording

Field recording - Maine, 1998


New England Soundscape Productions

Owner & audio engineer of sound production company specializing in audio for museum exhibits, multimedia and theater. Audio-Visual project management and design also available. Various clients have included:
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Joe seated infront of audio mixer and computer screen, working on music session

Judy's Clubhouse sessions, November 1996

Audio Visual Coordinator, Museum of Science, Boston, MA

(May 1990 - July 1996) Produce and install audio and video components for exhibits, marketing, special events and Omni Theater. Assist Exhibit Designers with sound design and video production. Oversee maintenance and repair of museum-wide closed circuit television and satellite distribution systems. Supervise exhibit lighting projects. Audio engineer for live sound and teleproduction events. Audio-visual liason for special projects within museum. Some accomplishments worth noting:

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Joe with Jane St. Clair, seated at piano at Blue Jay Recording Studio

With Jane St. Clair @ Blue Jay Recording Studio, August 1999

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