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I've been writing and playing music for most of my life. On this
page you'll find bits and pieces of it. Some old, some brand new.
I hope you enjoy it. - Joe

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Here's something I just added to YouTube. It's called Judgement Road
I was testing a new camera's onboard mic and then started
messing with it... 9/29/2008

©2008 Joe Rivers.

Here's a few that I dug up recently. The first one is from 1997, it's
called What's the Matter. This version is the first recording of it, the scratch track.
Forgive the mistakes, I've always liked this song.

What's the Matter

©1997 Joe Rivers
mp3 file size: 5.2MB

This one's called In A Bad Place. I started to write this as a short
story but I ended up writing a song instead. Just as well, the story would've turned
out to be too much like Raymond Carver's work. Creepy. Another scratch track..

In A Bad Place

©2001 Joe Rivers
mp3 file size: 4.4MB

Here's one called Crash Into Love. I think most heated and
sensual romances begin with a bang, don't you? This is a story about one of
them. A real drummer and some 2nd guitar parts and this one's done. Although
I do like it just as it is. Maybe its just grown on me. What do you think?

Crash Into Love

©2002 Joe Rivers
mp3 file size: 5MB

Mark Frizzel, a very talented animator from the Boston area, needed
some music to finish off a short movie he'd been working on. I gave him some stuff
to hear, he like it, put it in the movie, then asked me to write and intro. I said sure.
The movie is called Mos Chiaroscuro. It's a sci-fi-art piece, shot in black and white,
and the soundtrack is music only, without dialogue. Mos is taken from the old silent film
days. It means, without sound. Enjoy!

Mos Chiaroscuro Intro 1:25

©2003 Joe Rivers
mp3 file size: 1.9M

Here's something that was recorded in early February 2003 by
Joe Rivers (guitars & backing vocals), Joe Tosches (drums) and Mike Huard
(bass guitar & lead vocals). It's a version of Mission of Burma's "That's When I
Reached For My Revolver". Mission of Burma's original version of this song was
a favorite on Boston radio in the early 1980's but no one was really sure of all the
lyrics. We got in touch with Clint Conley, the composer, and he said that he was
never completely happy with the words to this song so we could just interpret our
own lyrics where we felt necessary. Hope we did justice to your song Clint.

That's When I Reached For My Revolver

©1981 Clint Conley
mp3 file size: 3.351M


Joe Tosches - Drums

Mike Huard - Bass & Back-up vocals

Fritz - Lead Guitar & Back-up vocals

Joe Rivers - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar.

Here's an mp3 recording of the song Mystery from a show at The Ranch House / June 1987.
We hear Mike talking to the crowd just before the start of the song.

words & music © 1986 Joe Rivers

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